Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use the platform if I can send tasks to a student without it?

Indeed, tasks can be sent in various ways, but the KNOWLEDGE platform allows you to track student's actions in real time. You have complete control over the student's actions during the class. You see what the students do and where they look. In addition, there are a lot of materials conveniently organized. You no longer need to spend a lot of time preparing for the class.

How can I conduct a lesson using your site?

Register as a teacher. After logging in, you'll get to your personal account, where you can start the class in several ways. The most obvious: click the "Start lesson" button, and select the course and lesson. Then you will be taken to a unique lesson page. Send your student a link to this page. When the student connects, you will be able to observe their actions. After the class, you need to finish it with the corresponding button in the lower right.

Do you have a bot student with whom you can explore the interface of the classroom before conducting real classes?

No. We do not have a bot for imitating the student's actions. However getting used to the interface is quite easy without it. Create an open class (do not select a specific student) and copy the link to it. After that, open a private window in your browser (how to do this in Firefox and in Chrome) and follow the copied link by pasting it into the address bar. After that in the normal tab you will see the lesson as a teacher and in the private tab as a student. This will allow you to experiment and get all the functions available for the participants. Understanding what the student can see will help you further if the student needs any assistance.

How to view a lesson before class?

At your personal cabinet you can find a a link to educational materials under the "Start the class" button. By clicking on it you can choose any course and lesson to view and prepare for the class. Here, in the list of lessons or when viewing the lesson tasks, you can start a new class.

Do I need to get my students to register to conduct classes for them?

There is no need. After the start of the class, you will be taken to a page with a unique address. Copy it from the address bar or using the special button on the right, and send it to the student. The student will be able to connect regardless of whether they are registered or not. Though registered students have more options. For example, after registration, the student has a personal dictionary and the ability to do homework.

How do I find where we finished with the student last time?

There are two ways:
  1. Go to the archive and find the last class with the student. If you did not have time to complete the entire lesson, you can start it again from the viewing page.
  2. If the student you need is on your contact list, just click on their photo. The action buttons will come out from under the photo. The top button allows you to start a lesson with the user. The system will automatically transfer you to the lesson in which you were using last time. And all the lessons which have been passed are marked with a special tick.
P.S. Inside the lesson, the tasks which were completed are also marked.

Can I add words to the student's dictionary?

Yes, of course you can. To do this, just select the word during the class. A special panel for adding words will appear below. On the right side of the panel there will be an avatar of the active student. The word will be added to their dictionary. In addition, the system will offer several translation options. Choose one of them or enter your option in a special field. Moreover at your personal cabinet you can go to the Dictionary and choose one of your students and manage their dictionary.

The popup bar for adding words is bothering me. How to disable it?

At the settings you can choose the pages where the bar will appear automatically Anyway you will always have the opportunity to add a word in the dictionary by pressing a special button.

How to send and check homework?

A special section of the site is designed for it: Homework There you can view the homeworks and send new ones. In addition, you can send HW to a specific student from their profile. You can see the student's answers only after they indicate that they have completed all the tasks. After that they will be able to see which tasks are completed correctly and the mark will be shown. The student can no longer redo the completed tasks. The teacher can only view the tasks.

Why can't I add words or send homework to some students?

Only those users for whom you have conducted at least one lesson are considered your students. Accepting an invitation to the class you create, the user confirms that they are really studying with you. After that, the user is considered your student and the system allows you to manage their dictionary and send homework. You can distinguish your students in your contact list by blue color and name written in italics.

There is no textbook I need among the materials. When will you add it?

Our methodologists are working on creating interactive versions of popular textbooks, but unfortunately the volume of work is very large, and this process is not moving as fast as we would like. The most popular textbooks will be added to the system sooner or later. Though if you do not want to wait then you can do it yourself and create new educational materials. You can both compose lessons based on well-known textbooks and create unique ones using your own methods. To get access the lesson constructor, you need to upgrade account.