Natalie Ismailova [ Author ]
Brief info:
English teacher
I teach:
I speak:
English, Russian, Turkish
Teaching experience:
14 years
15 USD
Bachelor's degree in English Philology with seven years of teaching different language levels (beginner-upper-intermediate) and age categories (5-60 years old); skilled at communicating and developing the rapport with students and their family. Excellent oral or written skills. I am a self-motivated and progress-driven ESL Teacher with an extensive background in this industry. With a long-standing initiative, I have developed my teaching strategies which I believe will develop your language skills. Through the course of my career (2009 – 2016, April), I have honed my students’ reading, writing and speaking skills. As well as this, I contributed to the development of young learners’ literacy, and that brought high achievements in annual academic competitions to my students. While working in the private language school ‘Langberry’, I gained valuable experience in teaching English for Academic Purposes (IELTS course). As an example, my efforts also assisted one of my students in passing IELTS with the score of 7.

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