Randa Khumran [ Teacher ]
I teach:
I speak:
Arab, English, Russian
Teaching experience:
10 years
1000 RUB
• Possess timetested capacity to translate materials from English to Arabic, Russian to Arabic, English to Russian and vice versa. • Possess timetested capacity to manage, assess and teach English and Arabic languages to foreign students around the world. 1 2016 to date: English & Arabic language Consultant, Assessor and Mentor at Skyeng Online English School Job Description: • Provide outstanding teaching to create a vibrant and distinctive culture for learning for students of different ages and cultural backgrounds ( General English, Business English, Meetings, Negotiating, Business trips, Writing reports, Spoken English, Preparation for Interviews, English for Traveling, Living abroad, Socializing & Telephone negotiation); • Preparing students for exams ( IELTS General and Academic, TOEFl, FCE ); • Assess, record and report on the attendance, progress, development and attainment of students whilst keeping electronic records as required • Contribute to reports and references relating to individual students • Ensure that ICT, Literacy and Numeracy are part of the teaching and learning experience of students. • Prepare and regularly updating subject materials. • Use a variety of delivery methods to stimulate learning appropriate to student needs and demands of the syllabus • Ensure that all students are able to thrive and engage in academic and interpersonal learning to achieve above and beyond their highest potential whilst developing personal skills; • Plan and execute a diverse programme that meets individual learner needs within English; • Assessing other Teacher’s performances and their methods of conducting classes as well as giving feedback and advice on improving their further communication with students from different backgrounds; • Conducting English Speaking Clubs for the students. Link to the profile: https://skyeng.ru/teachers/54092 Experiences gained: • Excellent knowledge and experience in recording, reporting and monitoring and evaluation of qualitative and quantitative data; • Experience in report writing; • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills through day to day interaction with people from different cultural backgrounds; • Listening skills; Organisational skills; Problem solving skills; Assertiveness; Resilience; • A non-judgemental approach; • Ability to relate to students and colleagues when assessing their work and act as a role model; 3.2 September 2015-August 2016 Started working as an English & Arabic Teacher, ARPi English Teaching and Translation Agency