Michelle Skarupa [ Author ]
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A passionate teacher with over 4 years of experience teaching IELTS and General English.
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7 years
17 USD
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08.11.2023 at 19:38
As a teacher, I am very passionate about my job and take pride in my work ethic. There is nothing better for me than to see the pride and excitement on my student's faces when they realize they are making progress. I am organized and well prepared whenever I teach a lesson. I strongly believe that any student can achieve their goals if they want to and I want to make it easier for them to do just that! I tailor and customize each course to suit each individual student's needs. Every student learns in a different way and every student's goals are different. It is my job to adapt each lesson to each individual student to guarantee the best outcome. Every lesson should be interesting and useful for a student. I encourage my students not to over-commit themselves but rather learn with consistency.

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