Julieta Otero [ Teacher ]
I teach:
Spanish, English
I speak:
Spanish, English
Teaching experience:
16 years
15 USD
I’ve been a teacher since 2008. Since then I haven’t stopped teaching, and learning! My experience as a teacher began when I was still a student, since while I was studying to be a teacher, I worked in private institutes teaching at different levels. After getting my teaching degree, I continued working there and began my experience in public education. I have worked in different cities, in a large number of schools from different socio-cultural contexts. In addition, I have held positions as a preceptor at secondary and higher levels and I currently hold a managerial position in a secondary school. I am highly committed to my professional career; I consider that continuous training is the key to perform a task of excellence. That is why I am in continuous training, expanding my field of skills.

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